Amble Hanging Chair by Tom Raffield

Amble Hanging Chair by Tom Raffield is Made From Sustainable Ash Wood

Who doesn’t like a seat dangling down from the ceiling, its such an immaculate centerpiece in the living room in addition to being comfortable and inviting.

You’d agree, it is very relaxing to occupy a hanging chair after a long tiring day at work or when spending a lazy afternoon reading a book.

There are different kinds of hanging chair designs we have seen in our time, all of them possess their own uniqueness and benefit.

This one designed by Tom Raffield is expressive in its own design and appearance. Dubbed Amble, it hangs from the ceiling using a rope and looks as if it’s floating in mid-air.

The Amble hanging chair is made from two lengths of sustainably sourced ash wood, steam bent and scarf joined together by hand. Its circular shape creates a striking look, while cushions make it a comfortable.

It is a statement piece of furniture that will not only blend into any interior style but elevate the mood as well.

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Measuring 1180L x 550W x 1160H mm, it weighs about 10 kg and can be used indoors or in a covered outdoor space.

The Amble hanging chair can be purchased for £1,975 ($2,500) at the official website.

Amble Hanging Chair by Tom Raffield

Image: Tom Raffield

Amble Hanging Chair by Tom Raffield

Image: Tom Raffield

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