Ammique to launch first mattress-free bed of the world

Ammique Mattress-free Bed With Body Contouring Support for Pure Sleep

Beds are not comfortable to sleep on without a mattress, you’d agree. British bed maker Ammique thinks otherwise, a reason it has launched its namesake, a mattress-less bed.

The Ammique is an ergonomically engineered, mattress-free luxury bed which is designed with the main focus on hygiene, comfort, and sustainability.

This first-of-its-kind bed is made with thousands of precision-engineered components which hug the curves of your body irrespective of the weight and size. Ammique mattress-less bed adjusts to the movements of the body without leaving a body impression, making sleeping really comfortable.

The Ammique body support and sleep system does not have any mattresses and has been tested for durability and practicality at a higher level than any mattress. It offers you a lifetime of comfort and all the plastic parts have built-in Biomaster antimicrobial protection.

The wood products are FSC approved and all materials used are recycled. The padding used in this bed is removable and cleanable.

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The bed is available in different sizes – single, king, super king or bespoke models ranging from £22,540 to £35,080 (approximately $27,400-$42,630).

It comes in Calico furnished choices – it has removable sides and end panels, with options of maple, oak or walnut corner posts for the customer to clad it in any fabric.

Ammique to launch first mattress-free bed of the world

Image: Ammique

Ammique to launch first mattress-free bed of the world

Image: Ammique

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