Artist Jeff Smith Rents ‘Smallest House in The World’ on Airbnb

Minimalists who like to live in compact spaces will surely give a wow to the Boston-based artist Jeff Smith who has created the ‘Smallest House in The World.’ Taking small housing trend to extreme level, he has created a 25-square-feet house on wheels for a single person. The miniature house has no storage space but basic facilities like sink, shower, gas stove, and a solid waste system. It is a kind of shelter that can be rolled over to any place with hands.  

There are three small porthole windows for outside views and a planter in the front for a lively appeal. It also has a wind turbine and a grey-water system which waters the planters. The tiny house has taken concepts of minimalism and small space living to a new level.

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Those who would like to experience living in the world’s tiniest abode, it can be rented for US$55 per night on Airbnb. Take a tour of the Jeff Smith’s smallest house in the world below:

Smallest House in the World

Created by Boston-based artist Jeff Smith

Tiniest living space for nomads

Retractable roof for ventilation

Small circular windows offer outside views

This minimalist house has no storage space, but it includes a sink, a waste system, a stove and a shower

Via: DesignTaxi

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