Smallest House in the World

Artist Jeff Smith Rents ‘Smallest House in The World’ on Airbnb

Minimalists who like to live in compact spaces will surely give a wow to the Boston-based artist Jeff Smith who has created the ‘Smallest House in The World.’ Taking small housing trend to extreme level, he has created a 25-square-feet house on wheels for a single person. The miniature house has no storage space but basic facilities like sink, shower, gas stove, and a solid waste system. It is a kind of shelter that can be rolled over to any place with hands.  

There are three small porthole windows for outside views and a planter in the front for a lively appeal. It also has a wind turbine and a grey-water system which waters the planters. The tiny house has taken concepts of minimalism and small space living to a new level.

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Those who would like to experience living in the world’s tiniest abode, it can be rented for US$55 per night on Airbnb. Take a tour of the Jeff Smith’s smallest house in the world below:

Smallest House in the World

Smallest House in the World

Smallest House in the World

Created by Boston-based artist Jeff Smith

Smallest House in the World

Tiniest living space for nomads

Smallest House in the World

Retractable roof for ventilation

Smallest House in the World

Small circular windows offer outside views

Smallest House in the World

This minimalist house has no storage space, but it includes a sink, a waste system, a stove and a shower

Via: DesignTaxi

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