Baluchon: A tiny house company started by Parisian woman

Laetitia, a Parisian woman designer with a perspective to invest her money in something useful, has designed Baluchon, a tiny house on wheels, and also started a company with the same name. She spent approximately $18,000 for the materials of the house but spent nothing for labor. Some of her friends helped in building the Baluchon tiny house including Vincent who had already built one for himself.

These friends have started Baluchon to bring their creations in front of the world. They have designed different models like the 215-square-foot Odyssee and the 185-square-foot Escapade. The price for these models is a bit on the higher side because they include labor cost.

This tiny house on wheels made by Laetitia has 150-square-foot ground floor with two upside lofts that provide 65-square-foot extra space. Loft bedroom and dormer windows under peaked roof are ideal for relaxation. Furthermore, there is a full kitchen with built-in shelves and cabinets along with bar stools in front of a big glass window, allowing to make dining experience lively. All the spaces including bathroom and toilet show up prolific use of wood.

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Rustic wooden details all around the tiny house are an excellent example of great craftsmanship of its makers. Additionally, storage boxes on upper loft and built-in sofa cum cabinet on ground floor allows optimal utilization of available space. Their tiny house building expertise is evident from the a DIY tiny house for her dog.

The Baluchon tiny house on wheels offers enticing new features at a reasonable price. It has aim of bringing the tiny house movement to reach of common people willing to travel around the world.

Laetitia had shown that a tiny house can have more features than you expect!

Built-in sofa that doubles as cabinets

Built-in racks and cabinets maximizes storage places

Bar stools and built-in shelf for dining

Loft bedroom under peaked roof

Dormer windows make the space brighter

Bathroom with a small tub and separate toilet

The front view of the tiny house

Back side view

Side view of the Baluchon

The night view of the Baluchon

Tiny house on-the-wheels

Via: TinyHouseForUs

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