Things to Consider When Buying Glass Coffee Table on a Budget

Decorative, practical, and smack dab in the center of everything, a glass coffee table is likely to be a staple part of your living room. Despite being the anchor of a room, it’s a perfect amalgam of style and functionality.

But with endless options available in the market, how do you select the right centerpiece for your living room? To help narrow down your search, we have compiled all the essential things you should consider in order to find the glass coffee table of your dreams.

What is the Purpose?

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First and foremost, you need to define the purpose to move forward in the right direction when looking for a glass-topped coffee table. Decide whether you need a decorative center table, ottoman-style coffee table, or a multi-functional but decorative coffee table. In case you will use it as a makeshift dining table, you can look for something that you can slide your feet under while sitting comfortably.

Do you socialize a lot? Then you require a larger glass coffee table that can hold up snacks and drinks for a group of people. The point is to spend some time thinking about your requirements and purpose you are going to use your coffee table for, then making the choice will be so much easier.


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If you want your coffee table to draw all the attention in the room, choose a glass table. You can also look for some other interesting features to make the most out of it. Here are some functional features to look for in a glass coffee table:

* Extra storage on your mind? You may consider the Ottoman-style glass coffee table or the one with shelves underneath.

* If you need to move the table quite often from one room to another, look for a table with wheels and casters for easy movement.

* With innovation in design, you can certainly find something well-suited to your and your family’s requirements. You get amazing customization options these days. If you can’t find a ready-made glass coffee table for your needs, consider getting it customized as per your specific requirements.

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Measure up

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Once you have decided on the exact purpose and function of your glass coffee table, you need to look for the right size that fits well into your living space. You need to check the size and proportions of your sofa too when choosing the table. If you have a single corner sofa, a rectangular or square coffee table would work better.

But if you have many chairs facing toward the center of a room, go for a circular or square coffee table. You also have to think about the size of your living room. If it’s a larger room, you would require a large coffee table to balance things out. If you have a smaller room, you need to consider a multifunctional yet stylish glass coffee table for making the room appear bigger.

Beautiful and Unique Designs to Choose From

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When selecting a glass coffee table, it’s fine to consider one amid the following choices, if it fills your bill:

* Oval glass tables with clever storage underneath
* Rectangular coffee tables with glass tops and display cabinets
* Tear-drop style glass top designs with elegant finishes
* Gorgeous mermaid-shaped glass coffee tables
* Alpha or omega-shaped stands with glass tops
* Full glass tables made from shatter-proof sheets or other materials

Material at Good Price

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Spending more money on a table, won’t bring you the best material quality, the global coffee table market research report suggests. It is a subjective thing, which depends on different factors. You can look for the reputed market players offering great material quality at budget-friendly prices.

With online furniture sellers, you cannot inspect the right material quality on your own. But in that case, you can rely on the customer reviews and ratings to get the best material possible. In the case of local furniture stores, you can visit personally and inspect the materials in detail and choose the best one for your living room.

You can choose a glass coffee table with different material stands or support, such as wood, ceramic, or metal. But the quality of material goes beyond its design or appearance. So, you have to be wise here.

Sturdy and Durable Construction

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You don’t want to invest in a coffee table with weak or dwindling construction. It must have a sturdy and firm construction. Some accomplished brands, like IKEA, offer de-assembled coffee table designs that can be topped with a glass tabletop. You can either go with such trusted brands for firmer DIY glass coffee tables or stick to the ones that are already assembled with no play in them. The play can move the screws and joints around, leading to damage in a few months of use. Therefore, sturdy construction must be on your mind, when choosing a glass coffee table on a budget.

Overall durability compromises on its thickness and the type of glass used in the making. When you have an all-glass design, you would need something that can handle all kinds of usage. The glass should be shatter-proof and able to bear the weight and impact of anything you place on it.

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Restore Your Old Glass Coffee Tables

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Who says you need to buy a new table every time your old one is damaged or goes out of fashion? You can get it restored or DIY the old one on a budget. You can make simple design tweaks or a good paint job can infuse new life into your old and dull coffee table. Replace the old top with glass to make it more appealing.

Color and Finish

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The right color plays a very important role in how your living room feels. You can choose glass tops in different color options or a classic transparent one, depending on whether you want your living room to have warm and cozy appeal or contemporary touch.

But you must remember that the dark colors help in adding more depth and composition to large space. On the other hand, light colors or clear glass options are perfect to make small space appear larger.

Another great tip when selecting a color for your glass coffee table is to consider the color and tones that are already in your living room. Interior designers often mix and match colors of coffee tables with small items already present in a room, such as colored vases and cushions or even the furnishing.

Considering these valuable points you can find the right glass coffee table for your living room while taking the interior and functionality to a whole new level.

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