Jupe’s Glowing Flat-Pack Prefab Shelter can be Taken Anywhere for Glamping Experience

Jupe, the prefab shelter startup founded by former IBM project manager Jeff Wilson has recently unveiled its first cosmos-inspired flat-pack shelter unit that can be installed almost anywhere, even in remote locations. Each Jupe unit is delivered as part of a chassis foundation that can be flat-packed to roam anywhere along with the onboard electrical grid. Two people can assemble the shelter in a few hours.

Jupe prefab shelter features one-of-its-kind modular chassis that houses wiring, electrical, and mechanical elements of a home into a flat packable foundation block. It is focused on modern travelers’ who like to have a cozy home-like experience during trips. It works just like a tiny cabin perfect for short-term stays and even has modern facilities for a glamping experience.

This 111-square-foot tent is supported by aluminum masts and made using canvas. Its trapezoidal form and glowing frame are inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey. Inside, there is a queen-size bed, equipped with Nectar mattresses, a designer desk, chair, and ottoman. Baltic birch wood tile-flooring with plenty of storage makes the interiors more useful.

Jupe’s clean interior was designed in collaboration with renowned boutique hotelier Liz Lambert (formerly Bunkhouse Hotels: El Cosmico, Phoenix Hotel) and sustainable architecture expert, TED Prize Winner, and former head of social innovation at AirBnB, Cameron Sinclair.

Jupe comes equipped with its own solar panel and 200 Ah battery system and Wi-Fi router, ensuring uninterrupted web connectivity for travelers. There are also options to include a Sonos Move speaker, a lock safe, a cooler, and a small porch.

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Jupe units are now available for pre-order at a starting price of $17,500 through the official website. The first deliveries are slated for Spring 2021.

Sam Wilson has designed the Kasita micro homes previously.

Image: Sam Gazeri/Jupe

Image: Sam Gazeri/Jupe

Image: Sam Gazeri/Jupe

Image: Sam Gazeri/Jupe

Image: Jeff Wilson/Jupe

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