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Amsterdam’s Torture Museum Relives Europe’s Gruesome Past

If you are planning to go to Amsterdam for your next vacations with friends, we recommend you not to miss the opportunity to experience the hair-raising Torture Museum. We all know that Europeans in ancient times were very creative when it came to tormenting the human body, as an act of penalty to inflict terrible pain and death. You also might have seen it in movies, but seeing all these instruments in the torture museum is an unforgettable experience.

The museum features 108 instruments from different parts of Europe to extract confessions and punish death, which includes inquisition chair, thumb screw, skull cracker, spiked coffin, working guillotine and bone cracker wheel that smash people’s bones before slowly killing them. All of these atrocious tools are extremely horrible, as after seeing them you can’t help to shiver when imagining the pain those people might have gone through.

The best thing about the museum is that there will be a guide with you, who’ll assist you to understand the function of each and every torture instrument. They will also demonstrate each device on volunteer tourist to remind you that how cruel humanity can be.

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The interior space of the museum looks like a dangerous medieval castle with a narrow corridor showcasing various torture instruments, telling a different story of punishments and death penalties in the middle century. Although, seeing torture is not a relaxing holiday attraction, but visiting this museum would be an interesting experience knowing about the European history of human cruelty.

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  1. Alex

    March 9, 2021 at 8:11 am

    Last 12 pictures are from Medieval Torture Museum, St. Augustine, FL, US. Please check!


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      Hi Alex,

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