Autonomous Tent Cocoon

Autonomous Tent Cocoon takes few days to raise, without foundation

Autonomous Tent Co. created a gorgeous cocoon-shaped tent that’s more than a temporary shelter offering portable living space for the wilderness. The Autonomous Tent Cocoon is created by legendary architect Harry Gesnar to provide you an eco-conscious way to enjoy great outdoors.

The 500-square-feet tent sits on wooden decks without any permanent foundation. This temporary shelter requires few days to set up or taken down, without leaving a trace on environment. It includes a king size bed with comforter and luxurious cotton linens. There is also a gas fireplace and leather lounging chairs. The spacious bathroom has a claw foot shower and flushable composting toilet.

Featuring curvy design, the tent is made out of strong materials: steel, aluminum, or laminated beams, as well as translucent fabric shells. The luminous resilient fabric shells stretch across the sturdy metal ribs that glow at night and provide natural indoor lighting during day time.

The exterior of the shelter is engineered in a way that it can handle winds of up to 90 mph and heavy loads of snow. It is also installed with solar panels, composting systems, and gray water systems for comfortable and luxurious off-grid living.

It is available in two sizes — the 700-square-feet cocoon and the 1,000-square-feet tipi. Both these shelters are meant to provide you amenities of luxury homes even in different outdoor spaces.

For more information, visit Autonomous Tent Co. website. If you are looking forward to escape somewhere with Autonomous Tent Cocoon, then check for availability at TreeBones Resort.

Autonomous Tent Cocoon

Luminous resilient fabric shells glow at night

Autonomous Tent Cocoon

Comfy bed with comforter and luxurious cotton linens

Autonomous Tent Cocoon

Bathroom with claw foot shower and flushable composting toilet

Autonomous Tent Cocoon

Seating area outside the tent

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