In The Jar by Ayumi Shibata

Ayumi Shibata’s paper art has deep spiritual connection

We might be living in a tech savvy world, but our love affair with innovative paper art has by no means moderated. There’s always something compelling about the fragile work of paper art. A Japanese designer named Ayumi Shibata has proved that nothing can be more fragile than a miniature paper city placed inside a beautiful glass.

Yokohama born designer (who does all kinds of artwork) has brought for us all her series ‘In The Jar’. The collection features delicate paper cities, entirely cut-out by hand and installed in a glass container. Her chosen material indicates the delicate relationship humans share with environment, along with the traditional methods of Japanese paper cutting.

In Japanese the word paper is known as ‘Kami’, which also means ‘God’, ‘divine’ or ‘spirit’. According to Shinto religion, Kami is omnipresent and reside in the sky, ground, trees and rocks. By using paper as the main element for her sculpture, Shibata has intended to create a spiritual dialogue about how we relate and respond to our natural world.

Some of her art work is included in the three-person exhibition ‘Passion Paper’ at Galerie Atalier Du Genie in Paris and will be displayed on 27 March, 2017.

In The Jar by Ayumi Shibata

In The Jar by Ayumi Shibata

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