Beauer 3XC Electro-Telescopic Camper

Beauer 3XC Electro-Telescopic Truck Mounted Camper Expands to Triple its Size

If you keep a tab on what we do at Homecrux, you must be familiar with our outdoor section which is mostly dominated by campers and teardrop trailers. We make sure to introduce the best RV models to outdoor enthusiasts. One such camper that is making headlines these days is the Beauer 3XC Electro-Telescopic truck camper, which expands three times its size.

Make no mistake to confuse it with the Beauer 2X or 3X model, which the French company launched years ago. The Beauer 2X expanded to double its size from four to eight-square-meter. But with 3X model the camper expanded to triple its size, increasing from four to twelve-square-meter. They even launched a humongous size camper dubbed Beauer 3X Plus that expanded from 12 to 28-square meter.

Now, the company has introduced a 3XC truck camper designed to accommodate up to four people. The latest model is based on the telescopic principle which makes it possible to extend two modules horizontally to triple the living space. The company had planned the compact model for years and finally shaped the truck-back triple-expander into reality.

The latest model shares the 3X module’s 6.6-feet height and 6.4-to-15-feet width and can be expanded with the push of a button. The electric actuator system breaks the trailer wide open within sixty seconds. After the expansion, the floor area increases from 43- to 129-square-feet.

So how is Beauer 3XC different from the other models or 3X itself? The answer is that you are no longer towing around a trailer with it. Instead, the mobile home is mounted onto the chassis of trucks with the likes of Volkswagen, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, and a few others. Crazy right!

The interior of the trailer includes kitchen featuring an L-shaped counter that houses a dual-burner stove, a sink on top, and a 120L fridge below. There is an additional space for a microwave, along with multiple storage options. The interior of the 3XC’s trailer holds resemblance to the 3X trailer. It includes furnishing that automatically folds up and fits like a jigsaw puzzle.

Next, we have a dining area to the left of the kitchen featuring a bench seat sofa around a folding table attached to the rear of the kitchen block wall. The dinette then converts into a double bed. This is not the only bed in the camper, as the main bed is located in the private bedroom on the other side. It offers 63- x 79-inches of sleeping space for two adults.

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Between the kitchen and the bedroom lies a washroom with a cassette toilet, a 19L fresh water tank, and a water pump. In case you want to buy it, you can also add an optional shower and wash basin with auxiliary fresh water supply.

The camper options include gas or electric heating and hot water, air conditioning, an 80Ah auxiliary battery, and solar charging. Beauer offers the 3XC cell car as a complete truck starting at €66,900 (approx. $72,750) for a single cab with three cab seats which is three times the base price of 3X.

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Image: Beauer

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Image: Beauer

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Image: Beauer

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