Bedaway ceiling bed

Bedaway Suspended Bed Drops Down from Ceiling When You Need It

We have featured a lot of ceiling beds and floating beds, which elegantly hide away when not needed. Today, we are going to acquaint you with another space-savvy ceiling bed from the Swedish brand Bedaway. This retractable ceiling bed can be easily disguised within a room to maximize the living space.

Unlike folding beds, the Bedaway retractable ceiling bed rises up to the ceiling, leaving vacant floor space underneath. You can use the available space for seating or dining, and when you want to sleep at night, it smoothly drops down from the ceiling, offering a cozy platform to rest on.

Bedaway ceiling bed operates through a counterweight system which makes operation super easy and faster. It can be mounted close to a wall without any fittings, which means you can move it to another location. If there is no wall there is an option to include a second telescopic post. All the weight is concentrated on the floor and no vertical load is transmitted to the ceiling. In addition, there’s a child safety lock which can be kept turned off to speed up the process.

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There are different models of the Bedaway retractable ceiling bed, including the Compact Queen (double bed) Compact 90 (designed to be used as a single bed or an extra bed), Compact 140 (small double bed), and Compact 180 (combo of two compact 90 beds).

This space-saving furniture piece is ideal for compact apartments with limited space. If you wish to make your abode roomy without compromising with basic furniture needs, the ceiling beds are available at Bedaway.

Bedaway Ceiling Bed

Image: Bedaway

Bedaway Ceiling Bed

Easy to use and install / Image: Bedaway

Bedaway Ceiling Bed

Operated via a lever / Image: Bedaway

Bedaway Ceiling Bed

Helps to maximize floor space / Image: Bedaway

Bedaway ceiling bed

Image: Bedaway

Bedaway ceiling bed

Image: Bedaway

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