Bedchill overbed rolling table

Bedchill Overbed Rolling Table for Lazy Heads

At the end of a grueling day, everyone longs for a bed which is the most comfortable. You want everything at arm’s length, and this is where multifunctional furniture comes into play. It makes even more sense in modern times when laptops and mobile devices are an inseparable part of our lives. So, what more can one ask for while embracing the cozy confines of bed?

A connected overbed rolling table which does more for you than you would ask. You don’t have to worry about wire clutter, placing your laptop on the bed or munching down snacks while enjoying sitcoms. To cut it short, a practical solution which gives the flexibility to do things right in the comfort of your bed without any hassle.

This is Bedchill -a connected overbed rolling table that virtually turns your bed into a smart bed. It has power outlets, charging ports, integrated mood change lighting, onboard speakers, sliding drawers, and height adjustable legs. All these features make this connected overbed rolling table a useful piece of furniture.

Virtually everything is at arm’s length. Right from plugging in your phone for charging to using the mood change lighting for reading in bed. If you are someone who likes to do most of the things in the bed, Bedchill has all the things in place.

You can eat while working on your laptop or watch a movie without having to worry about keeping your laptop on a flat surface. A built-in Bluetooth speaker adds multimedia functionality to the table.

It can also be used as a table when you don’t want to move it over your bed. 

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The makers are trying to bring the Bedchill to the world with the help of a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter and is already garnering an impressive response from backers. the campaign has already surpassed the funding goal by more than 300 percent. The overbed table is available at an introductory price tag of €257 (~ $300) with the expected delivery sometime around this holiday season.

The rolling table is quite pricey and only a tad cheaper than Tatami multimedia bed which is also loaded with lots of tech features. So, which one would you fancy, Bedchill or Tatami? Share your views in the comment section below.

Bedchill overbed rolling table

Image: ESIST

Bedchill overbed rolling table

Image: ESIST

Bedchill overbed rolling table

Image: Bedchill

Bedchill overbed rolling table

Image: Bedchill

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