Concealment coffee table by TacticalWalls

Best Gun Concealment Furniture to Buy and Secure Your Weapons

Knowing how and where to store your licensed weapon is prime responsibility as a gun owner. You cannot afford to keep your firearm within everyone’s reach. Slight carelessness can land you and your family in trouble. It is extremely important, therefore, to have secret gun storage or gun concealment furniture to play it safe.

Concealment furniture looks like any regular furniture piece but it has special compartments to hide your valuable possession from plain sight. If you own a gun and want to secure it, gun concealment furniture is ideal for you. It will benefit you in multiple ways and also provide you peace of mind. Check out the most tactical gun furniture to buy right now.

BedBunker Gun Safe

If you own a number of guns, you can hide them all in the BedBunker gun safe by Texas-based Heracles Research Corporation. The creatively built beds with hidden weapon storage can store up to 60 rifles without them being noticed. The bed gun safe replaces conventional box spring mattresses and is compatible with most standard bed frames.

Since firearms are hidden within the bed itself, the chances of someone finding them are equal to zero. In case someone finds the safe, they will have a hard time opening it as it comes with a two-hour firewall protection system.

Models: Twin, Queen, and King BedBunker gun safe

Weight: 900 lbs

Dimensions: 97″ x 39″ x 40″ (safe)

Price: Starts at $4,300

BedBunker safe by Heracles Research Corporation

Image: Heracles Research Corporation

Weapon storage bed by Heracles Research Corporation

Image: Heracles Research Corporation

American Flag Concealment Coffee Table

This concealment furniture from N.J. Concealment Furniture features an American flag top made from solid pine, hand-stained with carved stars and stripes. On the other hand, the base has an espresso finish. It is crafted using mortise and tenon joinery along with a dovetailed maple drawer. The felt-lined drawer has sufficient space to store guns.

It has a variety of hidden lock options to ensure safety. If you are not satisfied with the design, there is an option to have your own design customized.

Weight: 250 lbs

Dimensions: 48″ x 24″ x 19″H

Price: $858

American flag concealment coffee table

Image: Etsy/NJ Concealment

American flag concealment coffee table

Image: Etsy/NJ Concealment

Gun Concealment Bench

This hidden gun storage bench by American Furniture Classics helps you keep your firearms concealed safely. It is easy to access just in case you need the guns quickly. Its stitched, brown polyurethane body hides within a locking compartment lined with soft fabric. It provides a clever way to store up to five long rifles at home.

The upper portion of the bench is available for regular use. Additional features include attractive durable plastic feet, removable butt and barrel rest, and dual safety stays that hold the lid open and prevent pinching issues. It comes with mounting holes with 10 moving bolts and two anti-copy keys.

Weight: 64 lbs

Dimensions: 51 x 17 x 20 inches

Price: $165

Gun concealment bench by American Furniture Classics

Image: Amazon

CouchBunker Gun Safe

This fire-rated gun concealment furniture is disguised as a sofa. No one would guess that the sofa they are sitting on hides a gun safe. The CouchBunker gun safe can hold up to thirty rifles, and other valuables.

It comes with a two-hour firewall and optional bulletproof cushions with carrying straps so that they can be used as a shield. Accessing the gun safe is also easy – simply remove the seat cushions and open two Mul-T-Lock key locks using just a single key. It is available in a wide range of styles, leather, and fabric coverings to match different interiors.

Models: CouchBunker- Mesa (leather and fabric), CouchBunker Kingsville (leather and fabric), CouchBunker Loveseat

Dimension: 96″H x 39″W x 14″D

Price: Starts at $12,509

Couch Bunker by Heracles Research Corporation

Image: Heracles Research Corporation

bullet-resistant sofa gun concealment furniture

Image: Heracles Research Corporation

Secret Compartment Nightstand

Made by Stealth Furniture, this unique nightstand is made of solid oak, veneer core oak plywood, and boasts Sherwin Williams finishes. It is a “Shaker Style” furniture unit that features a slide-out top with a battery-powered RFID lock for security. The RFID Lock includes 3 white card keys.

The lock automatically unlocks when the battery is out of juice. One needs to assemble this side table before using it, which takes only 15-20 minutes.

Weight: 44 lbs

Dimensions: 23 3/4W X 25H X 16 1/2D inches

Price: $960

Secret compartment nightstand by Stealth Furniture

Image: Amazon

Secret compartment nightstand by Stealth Furniture

Image: Amazon

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Gun Concealment Shelf

Similar to a conventional wall-mounted shelving unit (in terms of design as well as functionality) the gun concealment shelves from TacticalWalls are useful to keep your weaponry away from the reach of kids. Since guns are kept in a hidden, foam-lined compartment, which opens only with the supplied magnetic keys, it has absolutely no chance of getting discovered.

Made from furniture-grade birch plywood, each shelf is provided with two metal shelf brackets that not only hold it in place but also pretend to be bookends. TacticalWalls offers options to integrate RFID lock and motion sensor-powered LED lights. The self can also be customized in size and finish to create a completely personalized product for you.

Models: Top Locking, and bottom locking

Price: Starts at $369

Hidden wall shelves by TacticalWalls

Image: TacticalWalls

Hide your firearms inside a smart shelve by TacticalWalls

Image: TacticalWalls

Executive Desk Gun Safe

If you spend most of your time in front of a computer, you can’t get better gun concealment furniture than this one from N.J. Concealment Furniture. Made from oak and maple wood, this gun concealment desk has four regular drawers, two file drawers, and plenty of space to keep other essentials.

Aside from serving as a desk, it can also hold a gun out of plain sight, and provide it back easily in case of an emergency. You just need to pull out the extended keyboard drawer to access the gun safe. Furthermore, there are options to integrate standard, magnetic, or RFID locks so that no one else can touch your gun without your permission.

Weight: 200-250 lbs

Dimensions: 82′ x 24″ x 31″ H

Price: $2,800

Executive desk offering a gun safe - gun concealment furniture

Image: N.J. Concealment Furniture

Gun safe behind the pull out keyboard

Image: N.J. Concealment Furniture

Sliding Top Coffee Table

If you are looking for decent hidden gun storage furniture for your long guns, this coffee table gun safe from Liberty Home Concealment is a good choice. It features a sliding table top that reveals underneath a foam-lined, lockable storage compartment. A magnetic lock keeps the possessions safe from prying eyes.

It can be provided in custom colors and stain options to match different interior settings and existing furniture pieces.

Dimensions: Exterior is 55″L x 32″W 18″T and the interior is 48″x24″x5.5″ deep

Price: $945

Executive desk with hidden gun safe

Image: Liberty Home Concealment

Executive desk with hidden gun safe

Image: Liberty Home Concealment

Bed Headboard with Gun Safe

Looking for a concealed as well as easy-to-access gun storage system you can install in your bedroom? Have a look at this bed frame with a gun-hiding headboard. In case of an emergency, all you have to do is push the spring-loaded panel to drop the firearm right into your hands. Bedroom is a private space, so it is very unlikely to guess that the headboard hides a weapon.

The gun hiding headboard is lockable and can accommodate any shotgun or rifle under 45″ long. Even an AR15 with a 30 round magazine can fit in the hidden compartment. It comes in different sizes – a flat panel style queen headboard measuring 60-inches wide and 9-10-inches deep is the cheapest model.

Material: Oak, walnut, cedar, pine

Dimensions: Queen (60″ wide x 9-10″ deep)
King and California King size (76″ wide x 9-10″ deep) (available for an additional $250)

Price: Starts at $1,095

Gun safe in bed headboard by

Image: Gun Bed

Gun safe in bed headboard by

Image: Gun Bed

Bookcase with Hidden Gun Safe

A bibliophile with a fad for guns should not look beyond this slightly affordable and quick-access gun concealment furniture – the Secret Firearms Storage Bookcase from Papaw’s Wood Shop. This attractive bookcase conceals a secret compartment on the top to hide your firearms.

Price: $550

Bookcase with Hidden Gun Storage

Image: Papaw’s Wood Shop

Hide your fire arm inside a Bookcase

Image: Papaw’s Wood Shop

Coffee Table Gun Safe

This gun concealing coffee table has a secret compartment that drops down from the underside of the tabletop for quick and easy access to the hidden weapons. Unlock the tabletop simply by swiping the magnetic key in front of the table lock and your weapon is at your service.

Handcrafted from solid maple wood with clean and elegant design, it is great gun concealment furniture for traditional as well as modern homes. This coffee table gun safe allows you to safely store your guns right next to your sofa.

Finishing: Clear coat, Early American, Dutch walnut, Cherry, Black

Dimensions: Table 49L x 23 3/4W x 19H inch, Interior compartment 37 1/2L x 11 3/4W x 3 1/2H inch

Price: $795

Concealment coffee table by TacticalWalls

Image: TacticalWalls

Coffee table that hides a smart safe by TacticalWalls

Image: TacticalWalls

Gun Concealment Clock

Made from engineered wood with mahogany stain, it is a fully functional and decorative mantel clock modified to work as a gun safe. It has a secret compartment hidden behind the face of the clock that uses a hinge and magnetic clasp enclosure for easy operation.

The secret compartment is felt-lined to protect valuables from scratches and damage. It does not lock but the door is held shut by a magnetic latch. You just pull it open and access your handgun easily. This gun concealment clock by PS Products can be placed on a fireplace mantel, shelf, table, nightstand, or any other place you think is easy to reach in case you need the weapon.

Weight: 2.2 lbs

Dimensions: 16W x 5.5D x 9H inches

Price: $47

Gun concealment clock by PS Products

Image: Amazon

Gun concealment clock by PS Products

Image: Amazon

Secret Compartment Mirror

This DIY gun concealment mirror by Corey Decker of Sawdust 2 Stitches is a great source of inspiration. Most firearm concealment furniture are priced far too high, so why not make one by yourself.

This rectangular mirror with a secret compartment is a safe way to keep weapons out of sight. There is are separate mini shelves to keep the ammunition. Mirrors are fragile and thus nobody bears to touch them intentionally, so this type of gun concealment is ideal for homes.

Mirror gun cabinet by Corey - gun concealment furniture

Image: Sawdust 2 Stitches

Gun concealment behind a mirror - gun concealment furniture

Image: Sawdust 2 Stitches

bed with secret gun safe in its headboard

Image: Sawdust 2 Stitches

Benefits of Gun Concealment Furniture 

Quick access and safe: Specially designed to keep a weapon safe, such furniture ensures ease of access. For this, the drawer or storage unit in the furniture is equipped with quick-open magnetic or RFID locks that provide instant access to the gun when needed, yet keeps it safe and concealed from the public eye.

Contemporary look: Gun concealment furniture is no longer a rare sight. Over the years endless designs have flooded the market. What has really changed with time is that such furniture doesn’t look distinct sitting in your living space. Instead, it is now made in accordance with the latest furniture trends in mind.

More secure than gun safes: A gun safe is easy to distinguish as opposed to hidden gun storage furniture which plays well in disguise. For instance, it’s difficult to guess that the work desk or headrest of the bed could be where you’re hiding the weapon.

FAQs about hidden gun storage furniture

Q: What is gun concealment furniture?

A: It is any regular furniture piece that provides hidden storage to keep firearms securely. It can be a table, sofa or shelf with an integrated slot for storing guns. You can use it to conceal other belonging as well, but such furniture is particularly used for concealing guns.

Q: Why use gun concealment furniture?

A: It is dual-purpose furniture, which brings a sense of security and peace of mind to the fore. One can securely place a weapon inside the easy-to-access compartment and forget about anyone else reaching it without guidance. Gun concealment furniture is now available for just about every room in the house. So, if you’re interested in safe, discreet firearm storage, this is your way to go.

Q: Why is gun concealment furniture better than a gun safe?

A: Quick access, convenience, modern and disguising appearance are some intriguing features of concealed gun furniture. Unlike gun safes, opening them is easy in case of an emergency. You don’t waste valuable seconds unlocking and then re-locking the safe. There are different types of concealment furniture – some do not have a locking system while others use magnetic or RFID locks, which are far quicker to open and close.

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