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Low-Carbon Emission Bide Cabin is Ideal Countryside Escape in England

Despite how life has changed due to the pandemic, there are still a few takeaways: We can spend more time with family, work from home, and save on rentals and unimportant charms. However, there are downsides to being cocooned within the walls with the same lifestyle every day. A person may feel lonely, depressed, and totally cut out from nature. In such a scenario, it’s important to keep yourself sane and travel (with complete safety i.e.), since traveling is considered essential to keep the mind fresh.

Once the situation gets a little amiable and you have chunks of cash to spend, try looking for a secluded destination and trust me, The Bide Cabin won’t be a bad option. Located in the English countryside, The Bide Cabin in Dorset promises peaceful, architectural stays among the English countryside’s rolling hills.

The cabin is designed by London-based studio LAMA and Aben, a Nordic design brand, that collaborated to build the eco-conscious retreat. Both the architects designed the cabin for themselves but it is now also being used for rental purposes. Following sustainable architectural techniques (eco-friendly building methods), the cabin was made using locally sourced material.

Driven by sustainability, the cabin was designed using the WikiHouse system, The Bide Cabin structural elements were made using a wooden frame cut by CNC and bolted together by hand. Sheep’s wool and wood fiber insulation were put to use to ensure that the project remains low in carbon emissions.

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The cabin is coated in a red exterior and has a luxurious super-king size bed inside. There are a lot of storage options available alongside a staircase leading to the bedding area. Other features include a shower and a kitchen, though we can’t spot a stove in there.

In addition, there is a Separett waterless toilet from Sweden, a decentralized MVHR system, and a Nebia vaporized water shower that uses 40 percent less water than a regular shower. Promoting minimal living, the cabin is set within a working farm. The windows of the cabin offer a serene view of the green expanses beyond, making this low-carbon emission cabin a perfect countryside escape.

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Image: The Bide

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Image: The Bide

This Low-Carbon Emission Cabin Is the Perfect Countryside Escape

Image: The Bide

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Image: The Bide

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Image: The Bide

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Image: The Bide

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Image: The Bide

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