BORA XPure Induction Cooktop Comes with Integrated Extractor

BORA XPure Induction Cooktop Comes with an Integrated Extractor

Kitchen is the most important area in a home and no one wants it to smell bad. Range hoods help expel the unwanted smells, smoke, and particles out of the kitchen. There are different kinds of ventilation hoods available in the market; however, the BORA XPure cooktop extractor system designed by German designers Imago Design for Austrian brand BORA is something that you will rarely come across.

It is a compact surface induction hob with an integrated extractor and round air inlet that effectively and quietly extracts vapor downwards. The ventilation hood is hidden inside the cooktop and doesn’t need extra space on walls or cabinets.

All important functions are accessible with a simple swipe or tap of your finger on the “sControl” central touch panel. There is also a model with recirculation mode, in which odors are neutralized by an activated carbon filter. The filter can be changed through the inlet without removing the drawers or plinths.

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BORA XPure helps in keeping the kitchen clean and is easy to clean itself. All the parts that come into contact with cooking vapors can be quickly removed through the wide opening.

Its space-saving design and minimal installation requirements make it perfect for a small kitchen and the deep black and clean design of the Bora x Pure allows it to blend elegantly in any kitchen type.

It is the winner of multiple awards including the Red Dot Design Award 2020. The jury at the Red Dot Awards entitled the BORA X Pure extractor as a ‘next-level cooktop extractor with an attractive design that is just as captivating as the high level of usability.’

 BORA XPure Induction Cooktop Comes with Integrated Extractor

Image: BORA

 BORA XPure Induction Cooktop Comes with Integrated Extractor

Image: Imago Design

 BORA XPure Induction Cooktop Comes with Integrated Extractor

Image: BORA

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