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Bowlus Road Chief

Bowlus Road Chief hits the road again with upgraded aerodynamic styling

Thought there is nothing better than old airstream campers? After looking at the new mirror-shiny Bowlus Road Chief you’ll surely forget the luxury airstream trailers. As this latest airplane-inspired trailer is the coolest campervan you’ll see today. Not only that, but this improved version of classic Road Chief also integrates advanced technology to satisfy on-the-go travelers in digital era.

Nearly 80 years ago Hawley Bowlus created the first all-aluminum riveted travel trailer. Now, husband and wife team John Long and Helena Mitchell has created upgraded version of the vintage Bowlus travel trailer. The new Road Chief camper boasts highly polished mirror-shiny exterior in shape of a bullet along with aerodynamic styling.

On entering inside, you’ll find out the interior is full of advanced gadgetry and comfortable furnishings, making future camping or road trips more hi-tech. Interior of the stylish trailer reveals small seating area, kitchen with stainless steel counter tops, bathroom with shower, armchairs and multiple beds to sleep on.

The flooring is fully heated and entire trailer is powered by a 120-watt solar panel to provide you utmost comfort for off-grid living. Furthermore, the walls are insulated with polystyrene to be cool in the summer and warm when the temperature drops. This streamlined trailer can be easily towed to any desired location via small truck.

Due to the high level of craftsmanship, production of your Road Chief is limited and can be ordered on request for whopping price tag of about US $130,000. The price is totally worth the luxurious off-grid camping experience that this hi-end trailer offers. As for now, check out the video and images given below to find out more about this astonishing motorhome.

Bowlus Road Chief

Vintage Bowlus trailer and new upgraded Bowlus Road Chief

Bowlus Road Chief

John Long and Helena Mitchell have designed the latest version of classic Bowlus trailer

Bowlus Road Chief

Interior includes heated flooring and insulated walls

Bowlus Road Chief

Sleeping area with multiple bedding

Bowlus Road Chief

Hi-end bathroom equipped with a shower

Bowlus Road Chief

Stainless steel wash basin

Bowlus Road Chief

Fully-equipped kitchen with stainless steel countertops

Bowlus Road Chief

Elegant dining area, offering outside views

Bowlus Road Chief

The kitchen incorporates all necessary appliances and facilities

Bowlus Road Chief

It is powered by 120-watt solar panel

Bowlus Road Chief

Road Chief offers perfect off-grid living

Bowlus Road Chief

The campervan is perfect for futuristic active travelers

Bowlus Road Chief

The exterior boasts mirror-shiny surface

Bowlus Road Chief

Various sections within the camper for luxurious living

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