Burned By Design Star Destroyer Fire Pit Will Remind You of Imperial I-class Star Destroyer

Burned By Design Star Destroyer Firepit Will Remind of Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer

Firepits come in a host of styles, designs and sizes and give us all the comfort in grilling on Saturday nights and setting up barbeques on Sunday afternoons. This unique firepit by Burned by Design resemblance an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer and it’s, like most of the studio’s designs, tailored for habitants of a galaxy far, far away.  

Driving inspiration from the Star Wars franchise, Burned by Design introduces us to a Star Destroyer Firepit. Made up of 3mm stainless steel, which bedecks its outer core, the firepit is perfectly suited for your backyard. The firepit also has a 12mm square bar grill. 

The star destroyer fire pit is mounted on a super-sized empire logo and swivels on its axis to make a complete 360-degree round. When not being used, the firepit can be closed with a lid resembling an Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer.

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Burned by Design has made a name for itself creating some of the most intriguing firepits and wood burners that you’ll ever see. Carrying the legacy forward, this pit leaves you in absolute awe. 

The Star Destroyer Firepit measures around 700mm in length and 430mm in breadth and has a diameter of around 410mm. The fire pit will soon be available for purchase through the Burned by Design for $1,093 approximately.

Burned By Design Star Destroyer Fire Pit Will Remind You of Imperial I-class Star Destroyer

Image: Burned By Design

Image: Burned By Design

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