Calientamigos- Safe Agua Colombia

Calientamigos: Combined water heater and pressurized shower system

We have seen many luxury bathroom faucets until now, but these are only good enough for houses with facility of hot running water throughout the day. How about families living without running water due to limited supplies of water per day? Well, to solve the problem TDK design team- Tianyi Sun, Della Tosin and Kevin Chang has come up with an amazing solution in form of the Calientamigos system.

Calientamigos is a combined water heater and pressurized shower system for families with limited water supplies to heat and pump water out of the system for bathing, cooking and cleaning. The water system is basically designed for project ‘Safe Agua Colombia’ to let the families residing in this region enjoy the luxury of hot water shower even if the water access is limited.

The system comprises of three components: Bomba-a portable electric water heater; Corazon- a foot pump that pressurizes the warm water and Gota-a multi-purpose faucet head. To use the system, all you need to do is put the Bomba in a bucket full of water for heating; it heats water more quickly,at a lower cost than other water heating methods.

After the water gets warm, take out Bomba and put the pipe attached with Corazon inside the bucket. Now, just keep pumping the Corazon to enjoy hot water shower through Gota faucet. Through this system a complete family can enjoy bathing everyday with luxury of a shower. Besides that, it can also be used in kitchen for cooking and in areas inside or outside your home for other cleaning purposes.

The TDK team has also bagged an A’ Design Award this year due to their amazing design concept and the idea to offer simple yet useful services to families of Columbia. However, this concept can also benefit many other nations suffering with same problem.

Calientamigos- Safe Agua Colombia

Heat, pump and shower to enjoy luxury hot bath even without running water

Calientamigos- Safe Agua Colombia

It is a multi-purpose water system for bathing, cleaning and cooking purposes

Credit: YankoDesign

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