Carlo Ratti Associati Lift-Bit Sofa

Carlo Ratti Associati Creates App-Connected Transforming Sofa

International design firm Carlo Ratti Associati in collaboration with Swiss furniture company Vitra has created Lift-Bit, a fully internet-connected sofa. This versatile, transforming sofa allows users to customize the seat into any desired configuration to suit their living space.

The Lift-Bit consists of a number of hexagonal stools combined together to form a furniture unit. It is aptly named, as the honeycomb-like units can be easily raised or lowered down, using the smartphone app. By reconfiguring these hexagonal stools, the user can easily convert the couch into a bed or a complete lounging area.

On connecting with the mobile app, this furniture unit can be transfigured, and the height of individual stools can be adjusted as per your comfort. For instance, when sitting in front of your TV you can raise the height of a few stool units to act as a table for the tea/coffee mugs.

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All thanks to IoT technologies, the app-connected sofa has the potential to easily transform your home interior into any desired configuration. Whether straight, curved or diagonal patterns, you can effortlessly create endless furniture designs using this single unit. It will help you to create functional seating that works within a fixed space.

Truly Lift-Bit is a perfect furniture unit for apartments or offices with limited space.

UPDATE: The modular sofa can be pre-ordered right away.

Carlo Ratti Associati Lift-Bit Sofa

Honeycomb pattern can be reconfigured into any desired shape

Carlo Ratti Associati Lift-Bit Sofa

Hexagonal units can be raised or lowered using the smartphone app

Carlo Ratti Associati Lift-Bit Sofa

Lift-Bit Sofa by Carlo Ratti Associati

Carlo Ratti Associati Lift-Bit Sofa

The modular sofa can be reconfigured into straight, curved or diagonal patterns

Via: Designboom

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