These Sandals are Made Out of Recycled Coffee Grounds

Ccilu Recycles Coffee Grounds into Shoe Soles

People these days choose products intelligently, after enquiring the production process and environmental footprint, which is significantly changing the perspective of how designers and manufacturers are envisioning consumer products. Take the example of Japanese footwear brand Ccilu, who recently launched XpreSole, a shoe sole made from leftover coffee grounds.

The R&D team at Ccilu has spent three years working on XpreSole, which is made by recycling used coffee grounds into a soft, flexible shoe sole material. It is comfortable, anti-odor and helps in saving the environment by reusing coffee waste. It is a great alternative to shoe soles made from petroleum rubber and other similar non-degradable materials.   

They have come up with this idea after knowing that a huge amount of coffee grounds accumulate in landfills and result in global warming by the emission of methane. They have plans to offer the XpreSole compound at a nominal cost to shoe manufacturers, allowing them to contribute in saving the Mother Nature.

Founder and CEO Wilson Hsu said;

Our company is committed to a continuous investment in more R&D resources and to expanding the applications of the XpreSole technology into more product categories (i.e., apparel)

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They will release two shoe styles with XpreSole on July 1, 2019. The Horizon Cara costs $59, and the Horizon Corey is priced at $69. Both will be sold at Ccilu branded stores worldwide and on its website, as well as at Sportie LA.   

Via: FootwearNews

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