CES 2018: YaDoggie’s Smart Scoop Curbs Your Pooch Eating Habits

Overfeeding dogs is an endemic that leads to obesity, illness, and eventually a shorter life for your dog. But not now! Yadoggie (Dog-food Delivery Company in Santa Cruz) has a smart solution to keep your hound’s eating habits in control. They have invented a smart scoop that informs if your tail-wagger has been fed or not.

The smart scoop displayed at CES in Las Vegas (9th – 12th January 2018), is garnering a lot of attention. It has a Bluetooth-connected food scoop, and an app that keeps a track of your dog’s feeding. The ingenious serving spoon for your buddy has a Bluetooth chip inside, an accelerometer, and an onboard memory to curb its appetite.

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You can connect the Bluetooth low energy device with either iOS or an Android app that sends out the notifications when the dog has been fed. It also has color-coded signals – Green means we need to feed the dog, and red signify the dog has already been fed. This helps in maintaining the health and eating habits of your four-legged friend.

This Smart Scoop for Dog Food Curbs Your Pooch Eating Habits

Image: KSDK

Some of the important features of the smart scoop include:

  • Information on who has given food to the dog based on the closest phone location near the scoop
  • No charging is required, as is connected to Bluetooth
  • Accurate feeding updates

How does YaDoggie work with the dog food?

  • It starts with $1 to join the service
  • Collecting data about the dog- its size, weight, and activity levels.
  • Predictive delivery to help you figure out the amount of food your dogs need to eat
  • Tailored meal plans (Just in case your pooch doesn’t like it)
  • Running low on the dog food? It delivers its brand of dog food to your door after  subscription


Image: YaDoggie

This Smart Scoop for Dog Food Curbs Your Pooch Eating Habits

Image: YaDoggie

Via: Cnet

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