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Rocking Bed Helps You Fall Asleep Faster With Subtle Movement

This year at CES 2019, we have seen many innovations and major advancements in the world of home technology. Rocking Bed created by Mark Russell is one of the astonishing furniture pieces presented at Consumer Electronics Show 2019. What makes this furniture piece unique is its rocking-chair-like motion that lets users fall asleep like a baby.

This bed doesn’t really rock, but its frame glides the mattress back-and-forth gently to help the users fall asleep faster. Russell came up with the idea of creating the Rocking bed when he was on a cruise ship and he loved how the boat made his bed move in a gliding motion, which helped him catch sleep instantly.

All thanks to this new Rocking Bed, you don’t have to be on a cruise (like Russell did) for a gentle sleep. You can simply enjoy a great sleep experience on this bed in the comfort of your own home.

The founder’s observation about rocking motion effects for inducing sleep is backed up by scientific studies that were done in Switzerland by Geneva University Hospital. The Rocking Bed’s legs and sleeping platform are used as a base for your mattress. The rocking motion is controlled by an inbuilt timer within the unit to ramp down the movement as the time ends.

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While most products make use of a smartphone for controlling the functionality, this unique bed is not dependent on any mobile app for its operation. It is just about unwinding yourself from the world and falling asleep faster. This bed indeed seems to offer the calming and relaxing way of making anyone sleep quickly.

There are three frames available in full-size, Queen or King sized mattresses. Each Rocking Bed costs $3,450 and can be purchased from the company’s website right away.

rocking bed

Image: Rocking Bed

rocking bed

Image: Rocking Bed

rocking bed

Image: Rocking Bed

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