Chess Stools by Giorgio Bonaguro adds a playful interpretation to furniture units


Although chess is considered to be the most amazing game for the brain among all brain games and is therefore played by many to increase their power of judgement and thinking. But, nowadays many of the furniture designers are drawing inspiration from this intellect game for creating furniture units that  add  playful sense to their designs. A family of stools dubbed as Chess Stools modeled after chess pieces are  a perfect example of such furniture.

Italian furniture designer Giorgio Bonaguro, who is a member of the design team of Icon furniture in Verona Italy, has designed this splendid collection of Chess Stools for Icons furniture. He has rendered a playful appearance to the wooden stools that will add a touch of elegance as well as fun wherever placed. Made out of solid scented cedar wood, one of these stools is crafted into a geometric shape of the head of the bishop in the game of chess also called as Alfiere in Italian tongue. The other one is given a more aristocratic and imposing shape of the queen called as Regina while the third one is carved in a round and simple shape of pawn or Pedone.

Out of all three from the family, the Alfiere stool features a large diagonal cut that can be used to keep magazines in place. All of the stools are crafted by utilizing the semi-artisan techniques and processes that embellish the values and finishes of the furniture units.

Via: Freshhome 

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