Chopped Tree bookshelf

Chopped Tree bookshelf symbolizes the second life of a felled tree

Rigid lines do make up for an enticing sculptural piece – this is aptly proven by the Chopped tree bookshelf, a furniture piece conceived by Slovak designer Lenka Czereova. The arrangement of these linear facades leads to a uniquely ‘dynamic’ form that symbolizes the second life of a tree after it’s been felled. Of course, the amplitude of symbolism doesn’t come at the price of practicality. In that regard, the linearity of the sculptural bookshelf is broken at various junctions by obtuse angles. This unusual arrangement allows sufficient spaces for books (to be kept along the slightly tilted facades), while also hinting at the modular scope of the item. In fact, the overall shelf comprises of four different stacked components, all of which can be conveniently used as individual storage spaces (see in the gallery).

However, in unison with its christening, the main thematic element of the Chopped Tree bookshelf deals with the apparent symbolism of trees. According to the laconic design brief provided by Czereova –

The concept of the library shows life of felled tree. It captures the moment of falling chopped tree. It is cut into four pieces which you can easily move.

This overall arrangement alludes to the aesthetics of a ‘reborn’ tree. But, beneath all the philosophical undertones, it is the core practical essence of the Chopped Tree bookshelf that carries forth its design credentials.

Via: LenkaCzereova

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