Cluster wine cellar is modular vault made from colorful PVC pipes

For all wine lovers without any appropriate wine depository, the French designer Maxime Paulet of design studio AIE Design has created a modular wine cellar to store their wine bottles in style. It is a modular as well as aesthetic solution for storage if you do not have a basement to flaunt your wine collection. All thanks to the Cluster wine cellar, now you can present expensive liquor bottles in a beautiful way within your living room, home bar, or kitchen.

It is made from colorful PVC pipes that were cut into small segments to easily adjust wine bottles inside. Due to the PVC pipes, this customizable wine cellar can protect your wine from light. After segment cutting, the designer has assembled the array of colored pipes using a strap. The strap can be used according to quantity of the pipes clubbed together. Moreover, it holds the pipes firmly so that they don’t split on placing filled liquor bottles inside.

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Cluster is a vibrant accessory for bottle storage that can be arranged horizontally on tabletop or vertically against any wall. The colorful pipes can be personalized according to the collection of wine; in addition it forms a lovely decor piece within interior of any living space due to its jazzy design. Have a look at the images given below to see how it can be customized into various shapes.

Cluster Wine Cellar by Maxime Paulet

It is a customizable wine cellar that is made from PVC pipes

Cluster Wine Cellar by Maxime Paulet

The bunch of pipes is gathered together via strap

Cluster Wine Cellar by Maxime Paulet

It can be placed horizontally or vertically within any living space

Cluster Wine Cellar by Maxime Paulet

The wine cellar for storing special wine bottles

Cluster Wine Cellar by Maxime Paulet

Cluster wine cellar for huge wine collection

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