Colossus Side Table from Blow Collection by Seletti and Studio Job

Inspired by Giant Rhodes Statue Remains, Colossus Side Table Trickles History into Your Living

Design inspiration for furniture can possibly come from a natural form or maybe a manmade architectural monument. Colossus Side Table by Seletti is a suitable example of the latter. It takes a cue from the Colossus of Rhodes from ancient Greek mythology and is designed by Studio Job in the shape of a foot.

If you didn’t know, the Colossus of Rhodes was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Erected on the Greek island of Rhodes, it was a massive statue created in honor of the sun god Helios. The statue was destroyed by the great earthquake in 226BC and the only remains are a foot, which has been replicated for this side table design.

The designers have re-imagined the exact right foot of Colossus and envisioned it as a handy side table that will amaze people with its one-of-a-kind design and historic significance. The table is made of fiberglass and painted in white for a sophisticated look. It is part of the Blow collection, a result of Seletti and Studio Job collaboration that started a few years back.

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If you believe in the power and glory of the Greek gods, you will love to have this unusual piece of furniture add substance to your decor. It can be purchased from Seletti.

Colossus Side Table from Blow Collection by Seletti and Studio Job

Image: Seletti/Studio Job

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