Startup Launches Copper Linens Copper-Infused Antimicrobial Luxury Bed Sheets

Self-Cleaning Luxury Bed Sheets Give Your Bedroom Instant Upgrade

If you don’t regularly wash your bed sheets, it can lead to accumulation of bacteria on the bedding which can be bad for your health. A report by Medical Daily says you need to wash the bed sheets at least once a week or once every two weeks to stop the accumulation of allergens and microbes. Washing clothes is a tedious chore and if you looking for an alternative; take home the antimicrobial, self-cleaning bed sheets and pillow covers by a Taiwan-based startup.

Dubbed Copper Linens, these are copper-infused luxury sheets that can prevent the build-up of 99-percent of bacteria, fungi, and mold on bed night after night. Copper is the main element, which has many rejuvenating, cleansing, and revitalizing properties, it is even claimed as an effective bacteria killer by many researchers.

The use of copper eliminates bacteria build-up and allows you to wash your bed sheets less often than the regular ones. These bed sheets are made of long-thread Egyptian cotton with 600 thread count to ensure full comfort and durability.

They are woven with ancient Percale weave technique, the same found in linens at 5-star hotels. Other notable features of the Copper Linens bed sheets are breathability, stretchability, anti-odor, anti-acne, anti-aging, fade resistance, etc., that will help further improve the sleep quality and add to the geekiness of your bedroom.

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Sleeping on these antimicrobial luxury bed sheets will provide a clean and comfortable feeling all night long. Thus these pose a great alternative to bring to your bedrooms.

The startup is currently crowd-funding the bed sheets on Kickstarter. You can pledge the campaign for HK$500 ($65) for a set of a pillowcase or $HK960 ($123) for a set of bed sheets. These are designed in different sizes to cater to various bed sizes.

Copper Linens Copper-Infused Antimicrobial Luxury Bedsheets

Startup Launches Copper-Infused Antimicrobial Luxury Bed Sheets

Image: Cotton Linens

Startup Launches Copper-Infused Antimicrobial Luxury Bed Sheets

Image: Cotton Linens

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