Off-grid Mobile Home by Paul Chambers

Couple transforms shipping containers into an off-grid mobile home

When tiny house movement is motivating people to downsize their living space from a multi-bedroom house to a small apartment, off-grid living has emerged as a new lifestyle choice, especially for people who are looking to reduce reliance over fossil fuels and energy. Walking the same path of off-grid living, Paul and Sarah Chambers have creatively transformed two shipping containers into a mobile home.

It all started when Paul, an Engineer and teacher, received a job offer in Australia and decided to shift their base from Scotland to the suburbia of Australia. But, after getting tired and bored of living in a concrete jungle, the couple decided to build themselves a house that kept them connected with nature.

So, the couple transformed two shipping containers into a contemporary off-grid home featuring a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area. A complete DIY and off-grid project, Paul has installed a rainwater capsule with a capacity to store approximately 10,000 liters of water rather than relying on water supplies.

While to charge electronic gadgets, the roof is fitted with 2kW of photovoltaic panels that create enough energy to power the entire home, including washing machine, fridge and freezer. For heating, the couple relies on firewood, which they collect from fallen trees.

Motivating people to opt for an off-grid living, the duo has also published an eBook under the name “How to build off grid shipping container house,” which shares the wisdom the Aussie couple acquired while building the home using shipping containers.

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