Cradlewise AI Smart Crib

AI-Enabled Cradlewise Smart Crib Automatically Rocks Waking Babies Back to Sleep

A good night’s sleep is not just important for grownups but for infants as well. But putting your baby back to sleep at night can be a tedious task, especially when you’re also feeling sleep deprived. To solve your problem, the Cradlewise crib is here. This AI-driven smart crib is designed to monitor your baby’s sleep pattern and automatically rocks waking babies back to sleep.

Integrated with a built-in microphone and night vision camera, this AI smart cradle can monitor babies and develops their sleep profile on its intelligence-based software. The software forms regular bedtime and waking up times of a baby.

If a baby shows any signs of waking prematurely – like moving around or opening eyes – Cradlewise will gently bounce the infant in its arms so that he/she goes back to sleep. The cradle even emits white noise from its integrated speaker. When the AI system knows that the baby is back to sleep, the bouncing action stops and the white noise is replaced with soothing instrumental music.

Parents can choose any desired music via a smartphone-enabled Android/iOS app. This app even sends alerts whenever the baby starts waking up. Furthermore, it records the baby’s sleep analytics, as hours slept, and it can also be used for listening to and watching the infant in real-time.

The app also lets you start and stop bed-bouncing action manually. However, parents can even start and stop bouncing motion with their hands. The bouncing action will start by simply pushing down the bed and stop by holding the bed for five seconds.

Another thing about this cradle is that its mattress is made from non-toxic materials, like natural latex, coconut husk, and cotton. These materials make the mattress feel ultra-soft against the baby’s body. This way a cradle will feel extra comfortable and cozy.

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This smart cradle is designed to be used as a bassinet for newborns. But later, it can be converted into a crib by lowering the bed for babies up to 24 months. This means that parents don’t have to invest in separate bassinet and crib. This two-in-one baby furniture is enough for your baby up to age 2.

According to the makers, Cradlewise will be launched officially this July. Parents can pre-order this smart cradle for $999 on the company’s official website.

Image: Cradlewise

Cradlewise AI Smart Crib

Image: Cradlewise

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