D-Box Vibe Chair

Style Meets Experience in D-Box Vibe Chair With High-Fidelity Haptics

I am sure many of us dream about living life on the edge. But in reality, most of us are namby-pamby and sacredly cat who are afraid to step out of our comfort zones. Well, when you can’t muster out the courage to ride a bronco or go for dirt track racing, why not do it digitally.

Confused? Let me put all the aforementioned statements into pieces for you to decipher. Do you remember the Enki Pro HyperSense chair Razer unveiled at CES2022? The chair was armed with haptic engine from D-Box. The haptic motion technology company (D-Box Technologies) has now introduced a D-Box Vibe chair which would provide the user with physical feedback while sitting on a gaming chair. The chair concurs with multiple audio, visual, and gaming content to elevate user experience.

Currently being crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the chair is a marvel of engineering, technology, and design.  The D-Box Vibe Chair body looks absolutely fantabulous and comes with a round metal base. It is a stylish, sleek, and comfortable chair with leather upholstery or durable fabric which makes it look like an absolute peach.

Perfectly suited for both home and office environments, the technology delivers 65,000 haptic effects. The chair and the technology are capable of simulating a full range of vibrations, movements, and texture to let users experience next-level immersion in gaming.

The back and forth movement of the chair in combination with high-end fidelity haptic, used in movie theatres, would let you cherish the same in home environment. Delivering about 1G force, the chair is capable of supporting up to 113kg (250lbs) of weight.

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In addition to this, the chair comes with a one-year subscription to over 2,200 D-BOX-coded titles, including the latest movies and TV series from streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime. Compatible with any modern day tech device, the chair comes with over 90 coded PC games from major publishers like Ubisoft, and Microsoft.

In a nutshell, it is an ideal home entertainment seat best suited for working, reading, gaming and blends with the interior nicely. The chair is available for an early bird price of $1,999. Furthermore, there is an ottoman for the user to rest foot upon.

D-Box Vibe Chair_1

Image: D-Box Technologies

D-Box Vibe Chair_2

Image: D-Box Technologies

D-Box Vibe Chair_3

Image: D-Box Technologies

D-Box Vibe Chair_5

Image: D-Box Technologies

D-Box Vibe Chair_4

Image: D-Box Technologies

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