David Krynauw PodStudio

Cozy Office PodStudio by David Krynauw Offers Ideal Work-From-Home Setup

Sharing an enormous passion for woodwork, David Krynauw has made a cozy ‘PodStudio’ as a fancy alternative for your home office with customization options. This office pod is perfectly suited for you to work in peace without having to bother about someone interrupting you.

The pod studio sits on the concrete-less footing and can be erected in a single day. It is flat, packable and modular in nature. David Krynauw claims that the studio is made from locally-sourced material.

The pod studio comes in two sizes: Cozy and Deluxe. The cozy office pod comprises two office chairs, one single armchair and a coffee table alongside an air conditioner to keep you cool. The deluxe pod on other hand would feature two office chairs, two sofa beds, one armchair, a coffee table and an air conditioner to keep you comfortable as you work.

Moreover, the pods are equipped with a shelf rack to stack your books and files. Ventilators are installed to help the airflow and keep you fresh while working. The exterior of these cabins comprises acoustic, insulated wall panels and airy glass facades. Tailored to your specific budget, the PodStudio is an ideal solution to a post-COVID era where working from home has become the new normal.

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Scalable to suit any customer requirements, David Krynauw claims to deliver the item between 8-12 weeks of preorder. The total cost of a deluxe pod studio is $15,544 while a cozy pod studio will cost you around $11,433. Various interior layouts and add-on options make it adjustable and it can be tailored to your specific budget and needs.

David Krynauw PodStudio

Image: David Krynauw

David Krynauw PodStudio

Image: David Krynauw

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