This Motion Sensor 5 ft Animated Death Row Dummy is the New Halloween Horror

Motion Sensing 5ft Animated Death Row Prop is new Halloween Horror

Has it ever happened to you that you are done decorating your house with spooky wreaths and scary pumpkins but still find something missing? To fill up your space and add an element of horror to your lawn or basement, there is nothing scarier and frightening than this 5ft animated death row dummy.

The animated model will remind you of scary old-school films where serial killers, cannibals, and psychopath murders were electrocuted following their heinous crimes against mankind. The animated dummy comes painted and dressed in a prison jumpsuit. Moreover, the base of the model can be seated in your own chair with hooks and straps attached.

The fun begins as soon as the Death row dummy detects sound or movement and the animated figure starts electrocuting. The facial expression can daunt anyone while the scream may end up giving a near heart attack to your friends. The fun part is the eyes of the dummy that light up dark red and send chills down to your spine. The dummy begins to violently flair around and looks horrifying as hell.

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The animated death row decoration will require 4AA batteries to operate and is best suited for indoor use only. Bring this animated horror to your house for about $149 from Amazon and witness the fright of your friends and foes, in case you want to invite them too.

We are sure your Halloween house party will turn into a nightmare for your friends as soon as they witness the fright of the animated death row. Just make sure your neighbors don’t end up calling the police because there will be a lot of screams and shrieks. Not just this, if one adds prison-themed animatronics and smoke machine into the mix, the fear factor rises to the next level.

This Motion Sensor 5 ft Animated Death Row Dummy is the New Halloween Horror

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