DIY Halloween Home For Dianoga

Carve Pumpkin Into Dianoga Home for Halloween With These Easy Steps

Halloween 2021 is being hailed as the spookiest party of the year on earth. And Star Wars is giving you tips to carve pumpkins so you’re even ready for a party in the galaxy far, far away. The franchise website has listed a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a home for Dianoga to spook the Halloween party no matter where it is.

The primary item required to kick off this DIY build is a craft pumpkin. The pumpkin successfully morphs into a Halloween home for this Star Wars character. Other accessories alongside the faux pumpkin would include an old cardboard box, broken plastic toys and a few craft supplements.

The initial steps require you to cut the top of the craft pumpkin and paint it in black color. Next up, place some foam in the center of the pumpkin. Now gently push the pencil into the center of the foam to make a hole that will later house the Dianoga.

Now, attach a wooden bead on top of a straw and make the eyes of this trash monster. Furthermore, you can fill the rest of the head and body of Dianoga with clay and let it dry for a while.

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While it’s drying, you can cut small squares and rectangles out of the cardboard. Cut two straws in half and gash small plastics and paint them all in black acrylic. Don’t forget to paint the Dianoga in black and brown color before painting the sclera of Dianoga’s eye in red.

Finally, you can gently push the Dianoga into the hole you left in the center of the pumpkin. Your Dianoga home is ready once you glue the remaining trash around the monster. The complete tutorial for making your Dianoga home is available on Star Wars official website.

DIY Halloween Home For Dianoga


DIY Halloween Home For Dianoga


DIY Halloween Home For Dianoga


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