DIY Floating Bed

DIY floating bed with LED nightlight and Bluetooth speakers

Want to build a bed that appears to be floating in the air? Have a look at this amazing DIY floating bed hack by Imgur user [HackandslashDIY]. This DIY bed not only floats in mid-air, but also comes with LED nightlight and Bluetooth speakers for entertainment.

To begin with, the DIY artist created basic frame of the bed in such a way that it can easily accommodate desired electronics underneath the sleeping platform. Unlike usual DIY floating frames, the clever hacker has used slats from an old bed frame so that it gives enough space to the mattress to breath and adjust the cushy headboard.

The bed headboard has been integrated with five plug power boards on both sides. So, the user can easily run the phone chargers, bedside lamps, electric blankets and music system. Speaking of music system, the platform of the bed has been integrated with two small Bluetooth speakers that are added to each side. These speakers are salvaged from an old Logitech iPhone mini stereo.

Logitech power button and volume control knobs are installed on the right side of the bed. However, on synchronizing it with a smartphone the user can stream music from playlist on the phone or YouTube. That’s not all, the bed also incorporates few LED strings to serve as nightlight to show you the way to your bathroom at wee hours.

Find out more about the DIY process on Imgur, and do try creating your own floating bed, if you’ve got some woodworking and technical skills.

DIY Floating Bed

Wooden framework of the bed

DIY Floating Bed

Basic frame of the bed

DIY Floating Bed

LED lights integrated onto the bed frame

DIY Floating Bed

Bluetooth speakers are also installed onto the bed frame

DIY Floating Bed

LED nightlight makes way at wee hours

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