10 Effortless Halloween Bat Decorations You can Make at Home

I happen to recall a poem by DH Lawrence where the poet mistook Swallows flying in the twilight air at dusk. To his chagrin, these little flying creatures were actually bats, which he considers vindictive and disparaging. It’s not just the author who envies these flying mammals. Even in popular culture, bats have always been associated with evil.

With Halloween at our doorstep, interior decoration is a big headache and may leave your pockets shredded. However, by simply following these easy DIY Halloween bat decorations, you get to save plenty of money and also clad your house with these scary bat crafts.

DIY Halloween Bat Wreath

easy DIY Halloween bat decorations

Image: Tell Love and Party

Decorating your home with cute wreaths has become essential in the recent past. We have already introduced you to witch wreath ideas for Halloween décor but you can also fancy a bat wreath as an alternative.

This interesting bat wreath can be crafted in a span of ten to fifteen minutes. All you require is paper, embroidery hoop, scissors, and some paintbrushes. In case you want to make sure your wreath lasts long, try substituting paper with vinyl or leather. This bat wreath can add décor to your interior decoration and can simply feature on a wall. Hop on to Tell Love and Party for the full tutorial.

Halloween Bat Decorations For the Wall

Easy DIY Bat Decorations Ideas for Halloween

Image: Space Coast Living

In case you are not willing to have a wreath and want to clad the entire wall instead, try this DIY bat wall décor available on Space Coast Living. These superbly crafted bats not only look fancy on your entrance wall but also add a tinge of horror to your Halloween party.

To make these little spooky bats, you would need black card stock, scissors cutting machine and dual-sided mounting tape. These bats on the wall surely become an instant attraction for your guests. 

DIY Trash Bag Bats

easy DIY Halloween bat decorations

Image: Craft Your Happiness

Who would have thought that trash bags can be productive in a number of ways rather than just being used in a waste bin? A large trash bag can make a full-sized bat. Thanks to the black color of these dumpsters, they easily transform into blood-sucking monsters.

All one needs is to fold the trash bags into desirable bat shape and paint some eyes to spook children. These trash bag bats can feature on the entrance, kitchen or anywhere else you prefer. The full tutorial for DIY trash bag bats is available at Craft Your Happiness.

DIY Bat Garland For Halloween 

Easy DIY Bat Decorations Ideas for Halloween

Image: Studio DIY

Halloween garlands have always fascinated kids and DIY bat garland will be a great addition to your Halloween house party. This garland could very well feature in your kid’s room and can be used at the entrance as well.

You would require a handful of smooth foam balls which form the center body of the bat and black card stock alongside other accessories. Studio DIY has a full tutorial on how to make such DIY bat garlands.

DIY Halloween Tree With Bats 

easy DIY Halloween bat decorations

Image: The Sweetest Occasion

Lest you have not planned on buying a Halloween tree, you can try this DIY tabletop tree project and save hundreds of dollars. It can feature at your entry or can be a perfect addition to your balcony too.

It would hardly take you twenty minutes to assemble such a bat Halloween tree. You will need a handful of thin branches, bat cutouts, glue stick and a vase to poise the branches on. A full tutorial for the DIY bat tree is available at The Sweetest Occasion.

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Bats Flying Across a Pumpkin

Easy DIY Bat Decorations Ideas for Halloween

Image: It All Started With Paint

When we have introduced you to bat-themed garlands, trees and wreaths, it will be a sin to leave pumpkins out. With this in mind, you can make your own decorative pumpkin with flying bat cutouts by following the tutorial on It All Started With Paint.

Artificial pumpkin and a black poster board is requisite in making this creepy Halloween display. These bat cutouts easily stick to your faux pumpkin. The art could very well feature in your dining room or hallway.

Toilet Paper Tube Bats

easy DIY Halloween bat decorations

Image: Jenny Lemons

A washroom is the last place where we expect the spookiness to creep under the skin. But this Halloween decoration by Jennie Lennick is made up of upcycled toilet paper tubes and can be displayed in the living room as effectively as in the bathroom.

Banish the ghost of the past by making these bats from black paper, toilet paper tubes and some additional assistance from scissors and hot glue. The full tutorial for the DIY is available on Jenny Lemons’ website.

DIY Wooden Halloween Bats

Easy DIY Bat Decorations Ideas for Halloween

Image: Farm Life DIY

Made up of wood and painted black, this DIY Halloween bat decoration could easily feature in your dining space. Two razor-sharp teeth and button eyes make it looks cute and spooky at the same time.

You would require lumber, paint pen, glue stick and other accessories to give shape to this beautiful Halloween décor. Check out the full tutorial on Farm Life DIY.

DIY Halloween Bat Mobile  

easy DIY Halloween bat decorations

Image: Jessie Daye

Before you confuse Bat Mobile with a mobile phone or the Dark Knight’s ride,  we would like to mention that this DIY décor for Halloween has nothing to do with your smartphone or a batmobile. The bat mobile is basically a decorative structure that can be suspended in the air to rotate freely.

These wickedly easy-to-make bat mobiles can be made by tracing bats on black construction paper. Hang these awesome bats you’ve cut out in your living or bedroom and unfurl the spookiness. Jump to Jessie Daye’s website to read the full tutorial in case you’re intrigued.

DIY Bat String Light 

Easy DIY Bat Decorations Ideas for Halloween

Image: Bright Women

Just in case you want to decorate your house and light it up at the same time we have got you covered with a bat string light. All you require is white card stock, bat template and a string light and give your home a retro feel.

With the bat garland light shining bright in your kitchen it will surely make your neighbors feel a little jealous. The full tutorial for bat light is available on Bright Women.

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