DIYer Shares Easiest Way to Make Halloween Chalkboard Signs

DIYer Shares Easiest Way to Make Halloween Chalkboard Signs

The market is full of Halloween decorations; however, if you don’t want to spend extra money, don’t hesitate going crafty. It will not only help you save money but also create personalized Halloween décor. From making a decorative wreath from twigs and t-shirt to a spider web decoration using a trash bag, there are thousands of cheap and easy ideas online.

You can also try creating cute and spooky Halloween signs but finding easy ones would really be a hard task. Candice of She’s Crafty Crafty has shared a super-easy way to make DIY Halloween signs you can’t afford to miss. She has creatively turned an unused piece of 2×4 wood board lying in her garage into a beautiful Halloween chalkboard sign.

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The DIY process is super simple – you need to paint wood blocks with chalkboard paint and write the desired message with chalk. You will have to spend significant time sanding the blocks; however, you can leave some imperfections on the wood, which ideally add character to the Halloween sign.

Candice has shared more such tips on how to make perfect Halloween chalkboard blocks. Head over to her blog She’s Crafty Crafty to see the full details.

DIYer Shares Easiest Way to Make Halloween Chalkboard Signs

Image: She’s Crafty Crafty

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