How to make elegant wreath out of old wine corks

DIY: How to make elegant wreath out of old wine corks

When it comes to create simple and attractive crafts and DIY projects, wine corks never disappoint you. These tiny wooden pieces can be piled and shaped into any creative object you desire, giving natural woody touch to any room of your house. But today, we’re here to show you how old corks can be used to create DIY wreath for front door of your house.

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If you’ve got enough stock of old wine corks at home, then you can easily make a wreath for your home to celebrate festivities or simply to decorate the door. Ready to get inspired? Here we go, but before beginning you need to gather following items:

1. Wine corks (nearly 100 or more)
2. Wire or Styrofoam to shape your wreath
3. Few glue sticks
4. Newspaper
5. Embelishments (optional)

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Once you’ve collected all these items, you can follow the given steps to create eye-catching DIY wreath for door of your home or office.

Prepare wire or stryofoam wreath base

How to make elegant wreath out of old wine corks

You need a wire or stryofoam to create a wreath base. But if you’re using wire, you need few newspapers to wrap around the wire to stick numerous wine corks on it. Make sure the base is firm enough to hold all the cork pieces and embellishments.

Cut few corks and start fixing onto the wreath

How to make elegant wreath out of old wine corks

Finely cut base or sides of these corks to start fixing them at different angles on the circular ring. Using glue you can stick many wine corks on the round wire to form your desired wreath design.

You can form a set pattern or irregular layout

How to make elegant wreath out of old wine corks

The best thing about stunning wreath designs is that these can be shaped into a set pattern or you can fix these irregularly to give them a messy but stylish appearance. Just start fixing separate pieces of cork on the base and you’ll surely get a fine result.

Add desired embellishments

How to make elegant wreath out of old wine corks

You can add desired embellishments like few bows, ribbons or simply color them to make the wreath look more inviting.

Simply by applying some glue to certain decorative items you can create a fancy DIY wreath at home without much effort. This DIY wine wreath can be used to decorate your home during festive season like Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s Eve. On the other hand, you can minimize the decorations on the wreath to use it as daily home decor object.

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