How to Build Space-Saving Sofa Bed for Under $150

Space-saving is something all of us want to accommodate new stuff without disturbing the aesthetics of the interior. Furniture that can save on space makes complete sense, especially in cities where every square foot counts. Space-saving furniture such as sofa beds are readily available in the market but they demand a lot of money which you end up paying for the convenience.

A better idea is to build a space-saving sofa bed yourself, as it will make for a very engaging weekend activity. Of course, you require woodworking skills of Glen (of DIY Creators) and right tools for this DIY project. In the end, you’ll get a sofa-cum-bed which only takes around $135 to make.

During the daytime, it can be used as a seating area in your living room, and by the night it turns into a full-fledged bed to sleep two adults. The design is simple and functional that solves one of the biggest issues without asking for too much money.

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Generally, it functions like a sofa, when the need arises it can be extended by sliding out the base to form a twin-size bed in no time. However, retracting it back to the original position is a slight issue thanks to twin size mattress which leaves an open space on sides. Glen suggests to cover it by simply attaching a piece of wood using corner brackets which can be stored under the sofa. Or the second option is to have a separate set of smaller mattresses to make the design work.

To follow the build process, watch the video below.

DIY sofa bed for under $150

Image: DIY Creators

DIY sofa bed for under $150

Image: DIY Creators

DIY sofa bed for under $150

Image: DIY Creators

DIY sofa bed for under $150

Image: DIY Creators

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