DIY Wine Cork Lampshade

DIY Wine Cork Lampshade You can Easily Make at Home

Anything made from recyclable and reclaimed material is an instant eye-catcher, and that’s the reason why so many DIY’ers around the globe embark on creating DIYs from unused products. Alexandra Vietti has also used salvaged wine corks to create a unique lampshade that helps him reduce environmental impact and also saves him some money with a homemade wine cork lampshade.

Following his method, you’ll need a bag full of wine corks, an old lampshade and a glue gun. You’ll need to use the old lampshade as a frame of reference to glue up wine corks conveniently. The glue gun will do the trick for you. Start gluing corks to the outer surface of the lampshade and make sure they are in contact with each other.

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You can also paint corks in your favorite colors and it would be better to use gold, silver or blue for a cool chic appearance. Once this is done, you’ll surely enjoy to patterned illumination offered by the DIY wine cork lampshade. 

DIY Wine Cork Lampshade

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