Stylish Dog Crate from Fable for Your Pooch

Stylish Dog Crate from Fable Your Pooch will Love

Who doesn’t love dogs? Most people are crazy about these adorable and loyal companions. Be it little pups or grown-up dogs, their company is always very pleasant. No doubt, you love your pets, but you don’t always vouch for the options you get for dog essentials such as dog beds and crates. If you want your dog to have stylish pet furniture, look no more. Fable has it all stocked up for you and your dogs.

Fable manufactures beautiful, well-made items that avoid aversion training-based designs in favor of pain-free, practical design which aims to ensure and improve both your pet’s well-being and your own. This premium pet brand has launched a stylish dog crate which you’d want for your pup plus it doubles as a side table – additional merit to have it at home.

But it’s not all style – the crate has been designed with a practical vision and for the comfort of your dog. The first priorities while designing products are functionality and thoughtfulness, which is evident from the crate’s design. It also doesn’t take up much space and looks nice in your home.

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Made from bentwood with options for metal or acrylic doors, the crate features two different styles of doors. The doors also have holes specifically designed for your dog’s nose to rest comfortably, and they open garage-door-style to disappear into the crate ensuring they don’t take up any extra space.

The price of the crate is $275 and is currently available in size XS/S, which can comfortably house dogs under 20 pounds and pairs with an XS/S dog bed (which retails for $95). The larger size is in works and will be available soon. If you want to buy what’s best for your dog, visit Fable for stylish dog essentials.

Stylish Dog Crate from Fable for Your Pooch

Image: Fable

Stylish Dog Crate from Fable for Your Pooch

Image: Fable


Stylish Dog Crate from Fable for Your Pooch

Image: Fable

Stylish Dog Crate from Fable for Your Pooch

Image: Fable

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