Dogchitecture Project

Dogchitecture entails a range of innovative dog house designs

We claim dogs to be man’s best friend. However, the core form of a doghouse has remained mundanely archetypal over the years. Well, some designers (and presumably dog lovers) have sought to change this conventional barrier with their innovative range of original and clever design proposals. A brainchild of Japanese designer Kenya Hara, the big project is aptly titled as the Dogchitecture (currently held at Polyforum Siqueiros, in Mexico City, until August 18th of this year). And the participants of the endeavor include some big architectural firms from Mexico, like BNKR ArquitecturaRojkind ArquitectosBroissinPRODUCTORATaller 13 and Laboratorio Arquitectura Básica.

As we mentioned before, the Dogchitecture designs do allude to some innovative forms. In fact, we can see some of the conceptions integrating progressive geometric facades like the classy triangular arrangement of PRODUCTORA’s dog house. Broissin’s unique creations on the other hand are inspired from the child’s imaginative power. In this regard, their dog houses replicate various vibrant shapes like a giant dice and a hut stuffed with a multitude of toys.

The ambit of Dogchitecture however is not just limited to visual aptitude, but also expands into the practical realm of sustainability. For example, Laboratorio de Arquitetcura Básica’s kennel design utilizes recycled materials for its construction, while also incorporating rainwater harvesting mechanisms for the dog house’s very own vegetation.

So, if the dog lover inside you is still interested in the ingeniously conceived project, please take time to visit its website.

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