DRL Drone Bed

This Drone-Shaped Bed is Inspired by DRL Racer4 Quadcopter

The thrill of speed overcoming the fear of death is indeed a true philosophy when it comes to Motorsports and Air sports. Drone Racing League (DRL) is much younger as compared to other Motorsports. To popularize it among fans and future generations, DRL has introduced its first limited edition drone bed inspired by the DRL’S Racer4 quadcopter.

The limited edition furniture is priced at $25,000 and is laden with quality features. The bed is surrounded by LED lights which may take you on a sci-fi ride. Moreover, there are sleep masks in the shape of  First Person View drone goggles. Furthermore, there is also a slot available for television in case you want to binge-watch something before sleeping.

Made of medium-density fiberboard and spinning propellers on all four sides, the bed reminds of mythological chariots and air vehicles. The item is scratch-resistant in nature and is coated with high-grade furniture paint. The DRL logo carved in the front is indeed a good PR and advertisement strategy.

In addition, the bed also offers propeller pillows that provide a smooth headrest. It seems mattress and themed sheets are not included with the bed which is a big letdown considering the whopping price of the item.

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Available in two sizes, twin and full, the bed, unfortunately, caters to deliveries in the US alone. It also requires at least a couple of months to ship out after an order is placed. If you are an air sports junkie, place your order before February 1, 2021, and dash your bedroom with this quadcopter.

DRL Drone Bed

Image: DRL

Via: Gizmodo

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