Dyson Releases New Lightcycle Morph Lamp that Mimics Candlelight

Dyson’s New Lightcycle Morph Lamp Adapts and Transforms with Your Day

Dyson, the tech giant best known for the extensive collection of vacuum cleaners launched the Lightcycle task lamp last year. Continuing the product range, Dyson has released the new Lightcycle Morph lamp that mimics candlelight. As you may guess, it won’t cheap; you will have to shell out $650 to buy one.

Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer at the company said,

With the Dyson Lightcycle Morph™, our aim was to challenge the fundamental conventions of contemporary artificial lighting and find a solution.  So we developed a light that tracks natural day light and intelligently transforms for different uses – providing the right light, at the right time, precisely where it’s needed.

The new Dyson lamp comprises an aluminum-polycarbonate composite stem topped with an optical head with 360-degree maneuverability. There are two thin exposed cables that run through the center of the lamp without catching an eye.

The lamp intelligently adjusts light depending on the user’s task, age, mood, and local daylight. In addition, 360-degree adjustability adds to the convenience.

The lamp offers light in four different formats – as indirect, task, feature or ambient light. There are 3 warm and 3 cool LEDs that adjust color temperature and brightness as per the local daylight. It can also create an artificial sunrise.

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The LED bulbs used in the lamp are powered by Heat Pipe technology that is said to prolong the overall life. There are many other features similar to the earlier version, including the built-in USB-C charger, motion sensor, mobile app connectivity, etc.

The four lighting formats and the ability to reduce color temperature from 2,700K to 1,800K helps the Dyson Lightcycle Morph lamp simulate candlelight.

Available in three colors, it comes in floor and desk versions. The price starts at $650 for the desk model.

Dyson Releases New Lightcycle Morph Lamp that Mimics Candlelight

Image: Dyson

Via: Engadget/Dyson

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