360 Eye robot cleaner

Dyson 360 Eye Robot cleaner is up for sale in Japan

Update 18 March, 2020: The Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner is now available on Amazon for about $1,500.

Last year Dyson unveiled the first smart 360 Eye robot cleaner which was scheduled for release in spring 2015. After making people wait for a bit too long, the vacuum cleaner has finally gone on pre-sale and is available at Dyson’s flagship store in Omotesando, Japan.

Currently available in Japan for three days, the 360 Eye Robot cleaner could roll out in other markets by 2016, however, there is no official word till date.

To increase the usability of the vacuum cleaner, company has left no stone unturned. Apart from improving battery life, it has fine-tuned the cleaning bot to even manage cleaning in traditional Japanese houses where entrance have genkan – a traditional Japanese entryway where shoes are kept before entering the house. So, without tipping and falling Dyson’s vacuum cleaner will offer its owners an advance cleaning experience.

Provided with 2-year warranty and free shipping nationwide, vacuum cleaner is priced for ¥138,000 (approx. $1,145 excluding tax).

360 Eye robot cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner with 4 times better and strong suction force

360 Eye robot cleaner

World’s first 360-degree smart vacuum cleaner

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