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Semi-mobile House

€1,000 semi-mobile house by Ryan Frank looks like an upside-down boat

Designer Ryan Frank wanted to have a semi-mobile house for highly sensitive natural surroundings, but he never wanted to go for traditional tiny houses like yurts and domes. Inspired by structure design popularly known as ‘Gothic arch,’ the temporary structured house is built with an aim of blending in the surroundings of Spain. In the first look, the tiny house looks like a boat in an upside-down position.

A boat builder originally developed the structure of the house and the main attraction of this house is multiple wooden support ribs. The house that stands on the cement base is completely off-grid, which clearly means it leaves zero carbon footsteps.

The interior is made from wood, the exterior is covered with green canvas to add insulation and save the house from weather conditions. The total amount spent on the house is €1,000 (approx. $1101) and took about 100 days to complete. According to Ryan, there are many online designs available for tiny house, but he chose to DIY it.

He has uploaded tutorials on the internet for those who wish to build a Gothic arch tiny houses, because he believes this will help people in understanding what all material is required in building an off-grid tiny house.

This semi-mobile house has a large area enough to accommodate two people where Ryan and his girlfriend can cook food in a small kitchen having an oven, gas and a sweet dining area to enjoy meals. Separate composite toilets and outdoor showers that provide both hot as well as cold water are extra perks.


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