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Eco-friendly dome home in the Arctic is completely self-sufficient

Eco-friendly home

If you are blown by the magnificence of the dome, then like me, you will definitely fall for the wonderful Nature House covered by a gigantic dome made from glass and aluminum. Located on the Sandhornoya Island in Northern Norway, the three-level cob home belongs to the Hjertefolger family, who have built the house from recycled materials and have solar panels and garden (to grow vegetable) to maintain self-sufficiency. The Hjertefolger family home built out of sand, water, clay and other organic materials was glazed with a dome by Solardome Industries to allow the cob home to withstand the extreme Arctic winds and bad weathers.

Eco-friendly home

The eco-friendly home built into the earth is cozy, spacious yet very energy efficient. Complete with five bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining area, two bathrooms and a garage, the Hjertefolger family home is an inspiration for many budding architects. The family plans to educate people on develop something like the Nature House by themselves by conducting workshops and concerts.

Eco-friendly home

Eco-friendly home

Source: NatureHouse Via: Inhabitat

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