deebot ozmo 960

Ecovacs Robotics Brings Smart Floor Cleaning Robot to CES 2019

Ecovacs Robotics has showcased the latest floor cleaning robot at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, California. Dubbed Deebot OZMO 960, the robotic floor cleaner uses the company’s all-new Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation (AIVI) technology to clean up your house.

Combining Ecovacs AIVI and spatial recognition, Deebot Ozmo 960 is able to survey the landscape and automatically avoid any household obstacles such as cables, socks, shoes, and more. Additionally, the robot also adapts to different home environments for creating an optimized navigation route while cleaning. This way it saves both time and energy.

David Qian, Chief Executive Officer of Ecovacs Robotics, explains:

Our 2019 CES showcase features ECOVACS’ most comprehensive line-up of home-cleaning robots to the global market, granting us the opportunity to promote the idea of ‘Robotic Intelligence is Home!’ Now, the smart way of cleaning is just a few finger taps or voice command away.

Aside from Deebot OZMO 960, Ecovacs has also unveiled a new air purifying robot, the ‘ATMOBOT’ and a window cleaning robot the ‘WINBOT X’ at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. The ATMOBOT makes use of sensors to select a purification spot in each area automatically and then purifies a room. On the other hand, the WINBOT X is perfect for anyone who likes to enjoy a better view from their windows, without the hassle of cleaning the windows themselves.

However, Deebots Ozomo 960 caught our eye due to its unique AIVI technology integration. This robot is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo. This means you can make it clean your home just by tapping on your smartphone or using voice control.

The Deebot Ozmo 960 will go on sale later this year and you can experience it at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

deebot ozmo 960

Image: Ecovacs Robotics

deebot ozmo 960

Image: Ecovacs Robotics

deebot ozmo 960

Image: Ecovacs Robotics

deebot ozmo 960

Image: Ecovacs Robotics

Via: Techhive

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