Edible Mist Machine

Edible Mist Machine Creates Over 200 Delicious Food Flavors Minus Calories

We all feel guilty after having our favorite food because usually, the best tasting recipes have the maximum number of calories. But we just end up hoping, if we could enjoy more and more delicious flavors without putting on weight. Well, the problem is solved, all thanks to the Edible Mist Machine invented by Charlie Harry Francis, founder of the edible invention company- Lick Me, I’m Delicious in UK. This machine allows you to taste your favorite flavors without any calories, so you can enjoy your favorite food without worrying about your weight.

Francis’s invention produces an edible mist containing flavors of various tasty foods using ‘ultrasonic vaporization’ technology. Ultrasonic vaporization helps in extracting flavors from different foods in the form of a mist. The edible mist is then inhaled through a straw providing the user complete satisfaction of tasting exactly the same recipe that he/she likes.

The machine is able to produce over 200 different calorie-free flavors including mango, chocolate, popcorn, candy floss, ice cream, lobster, bacon, etc. Moreover, the machine can also customize flavors according to the user’s preferences.

The processing of the machine is quite similar to e-cigarettes, however, it helps you to consume flavors of only healthy food products. The innovative Edible Mist Machine is a revolutionary future of food with customizable flavors. 

Edible Mist Machine

Edible Mist Machine

Edible Mist Machine

Via: Gizmodo

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