Elegant Avocado Vase by Ilex Celebrates Growth of Plants Both Ways

Elegant Avocado Vase by Ilex Celebrates Growth of Plants Both Ways

We all admire the sprouting plants, watching them grow into enormous beautiful trees while simultaneously wondering about their growth in the soil. Celebrating the plant’s growth both ways, London-based design firm Ilex creates glassware that allows one to witness the growth on both sides – shoots and roots. Recently, the studio created the Avocado vase.

Redefining the traditional methods of growing plants, the elegant Avocado vase is made of borosilicate glass with a rounded base. The vase requires a germinated seed to be placed snugly in a specially designed opening of the vase to hold the seed above the water level keeping it dry as the roots flourish in the water below.

Ilex founder Ed Spurr said,

The spherical form allows the roots to flourish freely, stabilizing the plant within the vase and creating a stronger base for eventual replanting in soil. The specifically designed glass has a magnifying function, enabling you to see clearly how the roots develop day by day before your eyes.

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Taking inspiration from Ellsworth Kelly’s lesser-known plant drawings, Spurr wanted a vase which could keep the seed dry, the water oxygenated, and allow all to see the growth of roots as well. He tested many vases of various sizes and shapes and finally achieved the design of Avocado vase.

You can buy this innovative glass vase on the studio’s website for £35 (approx. $45), an Acorn Vase with similar functionality is available for £22 (approx. $28).

This uniquely fabricated vase is ideal for plant lovers and design enthusiasts. It’s perfect to satiate the inquisitiveness of children and everyone who enjoy the company and beauty of nature.

Avocado Vase by Ilex

Image: Ilex

Elegant Avocado Vase by Ilex Celebrates Growth of Plants Both Ways

Image: Ilex

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